Green Fields 3D Screensaver

Green Fields 3D Screensaver

Here you can enjoy the freedom and serenity of the countryside

Green Fields 3D Screensaver 1.5 will display animated countryside scenes with music. This program will display 3D animated outdoor scenes, accompanied by relaxing music, when your computer runs into idle mode. The installer will place a direct access onto your desktop, whose only function is to preview the screensaver running. In order to configure the screensaver´s settings, you will need to enter into Windows´ "Display Properties", right-clicking over an empty section of the desktop, and selecting the "Properties" option. There you can set the parameters that Windows will manage: the waiting time and if it should display the Welcome screen on resume. To set the screensaver´s specific option, you´ll need to press the "Settings" button. In the resulting menu you will be able to configure the screen resolution and aspect ratio. You can set if the screensaver will be deactivated when moving the mouse, or not. You can choose if you want the screensaver to play the built-in music, and the volume it will use. You can also configure the speed of the animation. The unregistered version will work for thirty days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice graphics and music


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